Native American Tribe Sparknotes

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In the tradition of Native American culture, there is no custom of written records of personal life or tribal history. Even though they have written language, the major way to record history is by oral storytelling. Those stories focus more about creation time, tribal and family history rather than individual life. Recording autobiography from different Native American tribes is a convention way for anthropologists to preserve the Indian traditions, which gradually decline and lost after Native American contact with Western culture. Moreover, the autobiographies of Native American individuals also fulfill the public curiosity about their culture. Nevertheless, the culture differences create the confusion and misunderstand in the written records. For the people does not familiar, and understand the Indian cosmology, the autobiography provides us as a tool to reveal the secret veil of Native American. In the same time, it leads a certain degree of deduction about the narrator original meaning.
Native American in the Central and Southwestern societies fundamentally is based on the idea of collectivism. They relied on foraging and pre-agriculture farming. The political structure and population does not grow into complicate or large quantity. Due to their communities are formed by several small bands, the relationship between tribal members are real close. Most of tribal members are relatives, and everyone knows each other. In the other hand, the hardship of living in wild

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