Native Immigrants And The City Of Miami

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When it comes to different dialects recognized across the United States, some of the most prominent dialects are Eastern New England, Lowland Southern, Western, and Mid-western English. Miami English is often neglected when it comes to the vast amount of dialects found throughout the United States. Mostly because the emergence of the language is fairly new compared to all other dialects. Many of the immigrant’s that established their lives in the City of Miami began making their way from Cuba in the late 50s and ever since then, the city’s population has been drastically growing. Fast-forward about five decades later and the second and third generations of those same immigrants developed what is now known as a “Miami dialect”. Although Miami English is unstudied when compared to other distinguished dialects in America, it is the most prominent dialect spoken in the City of Miami. With the colossal amount of spanish speaking communities that have established themselves throughout the city, Miami is often viewed as a bilingual city. Many visitors will easily pick up the unique lexical characteristics that many, if not all, Miamians use. Along with the distinct phonological characteristics that is often noted when natives pronounce their L’s and words with /æ/. One of the notable attributes about living in a state and/or city in America is that whenever you travel outside of your city or state, most people are quick to point out your “accent”. However, from your standpoint,

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