Natural Beauty. Inherent Curiosity Remains As A Foundation

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Natural Beauty
Inherent curiosity remains as a foundation to human questioning of place among the cosmos. History itself is the factor of which the human populace must stand to learn from to return knowledge of the present environment. As such, history must be cross examined to its full potential to garner what is truth from falsehood. Upon such examinations, it remains clear that the evolutionary standpoint of the advancement of life on Earth presents itself as the ideal choice versus its opponents of creationism and intelligent design. Evolution retains such evidence through the particular studies of biological structures, the extensive history that is the fossil record, and the medium’s sheer presence of natural selection. Therefore, …show more content…

These common traits promote the concept of the common ancestor; not the ideology of intelligent design. As compared organisms descend from the trivial origin species that are shared between them all, species retain similar traits according to their shared ancestor. This is further proven with that of embryology: the study of organic development within the womb. Upon comparing the starting weeks of a human, fish, and bird, not only is the visual a collection of strikingly similar models, but the structures of gills and tails can be easily seen on all subjects, despite two animals within the accumulation distinctly lacking such major features in birth. Thus, these traits were inherited by the common ancestor, securing it as the founding layout to present day species through its survival and mass reproduction according to the environment.
As such, the present environment itself can be utilized as a history book. The fossil record, meticulously preserved throughout the upper layers of Earth’s crust, catalogs not only the geographic time zones to wondrous detail, but isolates specific specimens of life offering boundless sources of input on the aspects of evolution. One such prevailing records remains to be the development of the order Cetacea over the course of millions of years. Once a sheer mystery to how the modern day porpoise came to be, study of the

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