Natural Disasters

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Throughout history natural disasters have terrorised mankind. The problem with natural disasters is humans cannot control them, they can create preventative measures and usually can find where the disaster is going to happen but that is the extent of human's ability to control them. When creating preventative measures there is always a budget in mind that keeps everything from being foolproof, which makes large scale disasters sometimes make those preventive measures not enough to completely stop them but only helps reduce cleanup time. In certain cases like large quantities of rain that cause flooding the flood waters are directed towards dams that can hold a certain amount of water before the dam breaks, at max capacity the dam must be opened in some cases causing more flooding downstream causing for a longer cleanup time. In Nick Stockton's article “How Will Huston Handle the Deluge Hurricane Harvey” from August 28, of 2017 in the online version of Wired, he effectively uses logos to show how the project manager is handling rain control during this natural disaster while also showing how casualties and property damage were minimized. Stockton begins his piece with logic that shows how natural disasters can cause major damage. Stockton explains that Hurricane Harvey, a category four hurricane that went through Houston, Texas, had winds up to “130 miles per hour.” This is relevant due to the fact that these winds can pick things up and make them fly into buildings or

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