How Does Shakespeare Use Natural Imagery In Titus Andronicus

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Natural imagery and references to nature are found throughout
The Spanish Tragedy and Titus Andronicus. In Kyd's play Hieronimo's garden serves as the setting for no less than three important scenes, including the pivotal scene in which the bloody corpse of Horatio is discovered hanging from a bower by his father. Titus Andronicus also employs a natural setting as the scene of criminal activity, for Lavinia is savagely raped and mutilated and her husband is murdered while the two are walking in the forest. Also, Marcus and Titus use pastoral language in their descriptions of the handless Lavinia, comparing her to a fountain spewing forth blood and to a tree with its branches lopped
9ff.,·These natural images are not included in the two plays for ornamentation; rather, I feel that Kyd and Shakespeare include these images because nature had many connotations for their audience. To most Elizabethans, the natural and unspoiled world was God's handiwork, and nature was seen as a benificent force in the world. The image of defiled nature which is presented in both The Spanish Tragedy and Titus Andronicus would undoubtedly have had a shocking dramatic impact on Kyd's and Shakespeare's audiences. The Renaissance concept of nature differs vastly from that of the
13 twentieth century. According to Isabel Rivers, the modern scholar or student approaches Renaissance literature with an obvious disadvantage because he does not share the same views, beliefs and preconceptions as the

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