Nature By Ralph Waldo Emerson Analysis

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Ralph Waldo Emerson was not only a magnificent writer, but a man who could see beyond the views of the world he lived in. One of his most famous essays is entitled “Nature,” and throughout this essay Emerson shows the audience his unique views that, along with other authors, inspired a new age of thinking: the Transcendentalism Age. Transcendentalists believed that God, Nature, and Humans had a unique relationship, and subsequently as one bond is strengthened, the bond between all three will also be solidified. Those who believed this ideology were called Romantics, and Emerson, along with Henry Thiourea and Margaret Fuller, argued for a closer relationship between Humans and Nature. Once this bond between Human and Nature was strengthened the bond between Human and God would also be strengthened. This philosophy was just being introduced to the world in the 1830’s, and as such, readers had to not only be convinced to read these essays, but also had to be convinced to listen to new ideas and attempt to understand them. In this age different views were widely ignored, or even shunned, and if the readers were not able to understand the essay, there would be no possibility of anyone reading his essay. Emerson attempted to make this process less demanding of the reader by speaking in simple language and using different literary devices to help the reader understand what Emerson was arguing for. These literary devices are the most used aspect of his writing; much less used are

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