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the Nature of Human Being
As the most giant super power in the world, almost everything happened in the United States has some kinds of influence in the world. The American Revolution is definitely one of the most important historical event in the history of the United States because its foundation of the idea of this country. But behind the bright side of the main stream idea of the public, there are also dark sides in the Revolution such as the bloody battle and the wealth growing of the minor elite. In this paper, I am not going to admire the great achievement of the American Revolution nor criticize the bloody and dirty trades behind the Revolution. I am here to explain that just like or other major events of human history, Everything happened during and after the American Revolution is just a nature of human being.
American Revolution was bloody and cruel, just like all other great revolutions in the history.
Besides the so called “ideas” carrying for the revolution like liberty and democracy, the Revolution brought a bloody battle to everyone to the people in this land during that time, not only to the enemies, but also to the people were supposed to be innocent.
During the whole period of the American Revolution. The United States suffered 25,000- 70,000 total death, 6800 killed in the battle, 17,000 died from the cause of disease, 8,000–12,000 who died as prisoners of war (Civil War Trust). Just during George Washington’s troop’s settlement in Valley Forge, more than

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