Nature Of Philosophy : The Nature Of Philosophy

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The Nature of Philosophy
Philosophy is a subject that chases wisdom by trying to answer the questions we have regarding our life, what we know, and what we choose to do. One aspect of philosophy stands out too because it refers to the knowledge and what we do with the information we receive from our experience on a day to day basis and how we process this information. The nature of philosophy surrounds the techniques we use, how we react to new knowledge, the answers to questions we have all asked, and how we use this new knowledge to benefit ourselves or pass the wisdom to others. The nature of philosophy is all encompassing because it helps answer the questions we constantly ask ourselves, and how we relay that knowledge as wisdom and …show more content…

One of Plato’s key examples was the Allegory of the Cave and was a parallel between ignorance and knowledge. In this example a prisoner is exposed to sunlight he is blinded at first but then embraces is he is then returned to his cave but when he returns and tells the other prisoners about the sunlight, but the other prisoners did not believe him. The reason this is a parallel is that it is the way manner in which we react to new information, even learning about philosophy we experience a sort of blinding light but then we start to accept it. It is a sort of cycle in which at first we are incredulous and can’t believe it but as soon as we are able to understand it more we can move towards expanding the point of view of those around us. They go through the same cycle in order to understand the new knowledge. Plato even reveals this cycle, “I tell you now, that the prison is the world we see with our eyes: the light of the fire is like the power of our sun. The climb upward out of the cave into the upper world is the ascent of the mind into the domain of true knowledge.” (Velasquez 6). In this, he also addresses the way we grow in knowledge which is one of the advantages of enduring the process of learning. Socrates work in questioning anyone and everyone earned him the title of gadfly because he annoyed those he questioned. This form of questioning also earned him the title of the wisest man in Athens from the Oracle of Delphi. The

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