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When I become a teacher, I want my students to think of me as a fair-minded critical thinker. Although, I often view some of my views as a naïve or selfish critical thinker the way the book describes them. I want my students to look at the name on the wall, or look at my desk and know that their teacher cares more about them than herself. Not only telling people what they want to hear, but making a difference in everyday lives. What kind of world would it be if everyone in the world was selfish and naïve? I don’t know about you, but I believe it wouldn’t be a very nice world to live in, or to raise children in. Remember how we make the world today will reflect the world of our children tomorrow. Once when I was way younger, I could …show more content…

What I would do as a teacher or what the teacher should have said was “let me explain this better would you like an example,” or “I’m sorry you didn’t understand it this way, how about if I explain it this way.” There were times in my Senior history class when our teacher would start to do a chapter and in the middle of the power point start going on a completely irrelevant topic leading everyone’s brains off track then try to go back on track to the chapter. It never made any sense to me nor any of my friends. When the classroom is mine, I would just make sure to include only relevant content to the chapter that could be interesting for the students to learn about.
Teachers are the people who are supposed to make all the concepts fit together and explain it to the students in a way they can comprehend. I’ve had teachers who’ve been successful at this task and those who are not so successful. As a teacher, it’s very important to make sure to consider others. Going back to the beginning where I want my students to know that I would do anything to help them succeed not just thinking of myself. Previously, in the years I was in school, a teacher of mine got upset at me for not reading as well as other kids when I read aloud. The teacher made me read a dictionary front to back until the time I had to go home, I didn’t really do it because I had a lot of trouble. Looking back now I wonder why she didn’t just help me

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