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It can be said that Hitler’s Nazi party in Germany is the greatest political phenomenon of the 20th century. It is one of the most highly debated political regimes not only due to the infamy created by Nazi involvement in the holocaust, but also the manner in which a German nationalism spread with such apparent ease. The truth however is that it’s not a clear-cut and dry topic, in fact it’s everything but that. The severity of the harm brought to Germany at the hands of the war guilt clause in the Treaty of Versailles can begin to explain why post war Germany was riddled with political instability, social unrest, and in the midst of an economic crisis. It is in this atmosphere that the National Socialist German Worker’s Party headed by …show more content…
The Nazi party promises to not compromise they are not interested in merely become representatives but instead they seek to march into parliament and completely do away with all the corruption, capitalistic dictatorship, and what they believe is an anti-German ideologies in the status quo. Among the strategies Goebbels employs is that of characterizing his opposition as an irresponsible, foolish and corrupt system that is responsible for the miseries being felt throughout Germany. Goebbels further emphasizes parliamentarian foolishness with examples of bad judgment such as giving the Nazi Party free railroad passes and salaries when their only goal is to bring about the end of parliament much as Mussolini did in Rome. Hitler at the head of the National Socialists had taken German defeat in World War I due to a lack of morale at the home front to heart, he sought to remedy that situation under what was to become the Third Reich. It seemed that when it came to Nazi propaganda their strategy was to give everyone what they wanted to hear whether that was the promotion of eugenics as the means to creating a “Volksgemeinschaft” where Germany could be united regardless of social classes. Four years later in 1932 Joseph Goebbels was still doing wonders at speaking for the Nazi Party, the Nazis had become extremely adept at catering to the right demographic when they utilized propaganda. In an election speech to

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