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Was the Great Depression was the catalyst for the growth of Nazi support?

The Great depression of 1030 left Germany’s economy badly damaged. During the early 1930s Germany experienced a time of economic downturn. Unemployment was high and the economy was failing, many Germans could not even afford basic necessities such as food. This essay shall discuss whether the Great Depression was the catalyst for the growth of Nazi support. It is obvious that many Germans suffered because of the depression. I personally feel that the Great Depression was the catalyst for the growth in Nazi support because Germany had been badly damaged and Germans wanted a strong leader, someone such as Hitler. However I feel there were many other reasons why the
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There were many other reasons and policies that gained the Nazis support. One of the most important catalysts for the growth of Nazi support was Hitler himself. Hitler was the Nazi’s greatest campaigning asset. Hitler was a very powerful speaker. He was years ahead of his time as a communicator. Hitler was the type of leader that Germany needed and wanted. Hitler was able to appear to be a man of the people, someone who knew and understood the people and their problems. Hitler was the Nazi’s trump card. The opposition had no one to match him.

Propaganda was another reason why Nazi support grew. Dr Joseph Goebbels was the minister for Enlightenment and propaganda. Goebbels was a very clever man and knew how to gain support; he was also very loyal to Hitler. He used every resource available to him to make people loyal to Hitler and the Nazis. Goebbels organized huge rallies. The rallies brought some colour and excitement to people’s lives. They gave them a sense of belonging to a great movement. The rallies also showed the German people the power of the state and convinced them that “every other German” supported the Nazis. The Nazis used every trick in the book to get their message home. The Nazis knew that their anti-communist stance was very popular and their propaganda further whipped up fear and hatred of the communists. The Nazis were also very well organized; this was due to many Nazis

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