Nazi Use Of Education Essay

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Use of education to influence the thinking of the children under Nazi rule
Imagine living in a community as a child where other children were taught to hate another because of their religious beliefs and the way that they looked. Would you believe that teachers encouraged it the most? Thousands of German children grew up continuing to believe all of the things that they were taught about the Jewish children is correct. To this day there are German elders who believe that the Jewish community is wrong in many ways. The Nazi rule was extremely influencing to the German children. Although some people may think that children have a mind of their own, the Nazi rule greatly impacted the way children thought in an extreme way; children should not have been used to further the Nazi cause.

Adolf Hitler's vision was to keep the German race “pure”. He called the perfect race an Aryan master race. The ideal Aryan was blonde, blue eyed, and tall. “In an effort to keep the German race "pure," Heinrich Himmler began a program called "Lebensborn," Spring of …show more content…

Children should not be taught to hate; no child is born with the intentions to hate another. School was one of the biggest factors to children’s thoughts about the Nazi Party. More teachers joined the Nazi party than any profession (“Indoctrinating Youth”). Most teachers would come dressed in Nazi uniform. The teachers in Germany that were Jewish were bullied and thrown out of their profession (“Children in Nazi Germany”). A new course called Rassenkunde (race knowledge) was introduced when they teachers became a part of the Nazi party. The teachers would bring the Jewish children to the front of the classroom and point out their “disgusting” features to teach the students that Jews and Gypsies were racially inferior (“A Teacher's Guide”). Non-Jewish Germans described their school life as peaceful and fun and Jewish Germans said that they had suffered from abuse (“Nazi

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