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Should the Legal requirements for obtaining a Search Warrant be changed? By: Leonard Douzart CRJU 3402 Valdosta State University Outline I. Introduction II. Main Body a) My background study on the legal requirements b) My proof of opinion on why it should be changed c) Comparisons from different people of why it should be changed d) The latest research of a warrant e) Factors influencing the decision of the legal requirements of why obtaining a search warrant should be changed III. Supporting Facts a) Data analysis b) Comparisons between why it should and shouldn’t be changed c) Research towards the legal requirements of search warrants IV. Conclusion a) An…show more content…
On my latest research of obtaining a search warrant you will notice that in many cases because a search warrant grants law enforcement officers the right to search parts of personal space that are not normally open to public view, the US Constitution and all state constitutions require probable cause or a fair amount of certainty that a search is related to a crime or criminal investigation before a judge may issue a warrant. Indeed, a search warrant for one item cannot be used for a broader search of another item not stated in the warrant. In completing a search warrant, you need to show that based on the circumstances it’s reasonable to believe that a search will produce useful information in solving a crime. Also with that being said there are many different factors and other cases that deal with using a search warrants like for example Marcus vs. Search Warrant in his case he had a magazine stand and the officers pretty much went over their
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