Negative Effects Of Christopher Columbus

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Throughout history, many people have impacted the world, whether it may be positive or negative. However, when mentioning an explorer named Christopher Columbus during the period of the “New World”, there are some controversially of his action. It is often debated whether his actions impacted the world were positive or negative, should he be considered a hero or a villain. But looking at the past, it seems Columbus impacted the world more positively compared to the negative. Columbus should be considered a hero instead of a villain for helping the modern day to become what it is now from his actions.
In the past during his travel, Columbus is describe to be a very respectable and a trustworthy person. As his experience, when he first encounter with the Native Americans was very good. Columbus first gave the Natives hawk’s bells and glass beads with respect happily pleasing them, then later the Natives in return show great respect in gifting Columbus calabashes (Doc 2). The exchange between Columbus and Natives gives a insight on Columbus actions and how he is very respectable for giving their bells and beads. Columbus was able to create a good relationship with Natives, with both of them successfully trading back in forth. This makes a positive impact toward beginning of country relationship. In addition, Columbus was later able to form a trading relation between Europe, the Americas, and Africa exchange foods, materials, and livestocks (doc 6, diagram). The diagram

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