Social, Social And Social Effects Of Christopher Columbus

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Do you believe someone can accomplish something extraordinary without doing anything horrible? Christopher Columbus was known for discovering new land. He discovered a lot but he also did horrible things along with it. In the long run the land that he discovered the spanish had took over and they have someplace to live. The conflict started by columbus who oversaw the whole entire genocide. He painfully murdered all of the arawaks, and made them extinct. This took place around the 1500’s , he caused all this heartache to impress the king and queen of spain. There were immediate social, political, and cultural effects. An example of a long term effect is that the arawaks are now extinct.

Columbus was the #1 person that was the mainly caused the conflict. King ferdinand and queen isabella of spain agreed to provide columbus with ships, money, and a crew. Christopher Columbus had orders from the king and queen to find gold and bring back slaves.Columbus didn't have to worry about financial problems because the king and queen took care of all of that, and anything else he needed he was provided. Later on while out at sea his crew started to become disunited because they were on the ship for so long. On October 12th the bahamas was spotted. Columbus was so in love with money it lead him to befriend the arawakes (native american tribe) which also lead to the extinction of the arawakes. This took place in 1492-93. During March 8th columbus left spain, during that time he also

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