Negative Effects Of Deforestation

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The environment has been greatly influenced by human intervention and human activities and it has left many negative impacts through deforestation, and one of the worst impacts are the loss of habitat for millions of species ("Deforestation and Its Effect on the Planet"). The loss of biodiversity is the result of this and millions of plants and animals are close to being extinct in many countries ("Harmful Effects Of Deforestation"). The soil of depleted rainforests also get extremely affected, for example a study showed how soil is changed because of deforestation, since it starts to lose its organic matter and the phosphorous and nitrogen in it ("Effects of deforestation on grass biomass and soil nutrient status in miombo woodland, Zambia"). Lastly, possibly the most impactful effect of deforestation is how it contributes to climate change, since there are less trees that help prevent climate change ("Deforestation and Its Effect on the Planet").
Animals are affected in ways that threaten their habitat and survival; their homes get destroyed and the temperature difference would be harmful for both animals and plants ("Deforestation and Its Effect on the Planet"). Poachers have been able to hunt animals much easier in depleted forests, since many of their habitats are destroyed. Even animals who can escape poachers could face extinction ("The Effects of Rainforest Depletion on Animals"). This also has negative effects on medicinal research, and on the local populations who
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