Negative Effects Of Gambling

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What is one of the most dangerous and addictive games that you are able to play? Well the answer to that question is gambling. Gambling is a gigantic problem not only in the United States, but also everywhere else in the world. In 2014 the United States, gambling industry ended being worth a total of 240 billion dollars. While gambling has major effects on many different issues, one of the largest issues is the effect it can have on families. Marriage is one of the most sacred things that may only happen once in their life. In the United States 6.8 out of 1000 people get married each year and out of those marriages 3.4 out of 1000 couples end up having a divorce (Marriage Statistics); also 1 out of 5 divorces in the U.S. are mentioning gambling as the critical reason for them to leave their spouse. With 20 percent of marriages in the United States ending because of gambling more awareness should be raised by the dangers of gambling to marriage. Gambling can not only lead to divorce, but it can also lead to other major obstacles like alcoholism along with drug abuse. Being a gambling addict is a problem that does not help out being a member of a family; 73 percent of gambling addicts are also known to be or start to be problem drinkers (Men’s Divorce), which can lead to fights and dilemmas between spouses. In the United states “38 percent of gambling addicts were also found to have a drug abuse disorder.” (Men’s Divorce). Drug abuse and alcoholism are primary problems
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