Negative Effects Of Globalization And Its Effects On West Africa

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West Africa produces some of the highest value diamonds in the world. West Africa is comprised of many countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and more. All of these countries have fallen victim of globalization. Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. Globalization affects every party, some positively and unfortunately for West Africa isn’t holding the good end of the stick. I believe globalization impacts Western Africa in a negative way there isn’t any noted benefits to West Africa exporting the most valuable thing on the land which is diamonds. The diamond industry impacts the people of West Africa by creating a whirlwind of corruption on a political level. In sierra Leone diamonds were a valuable part of the land and they were once legitimately sold up until Sierra Leone became independent in 1961. The following years of their independence corruption flooded the land. According to an online research paper it says “with that independence came corrupt leaders, manipulation of the people , rebel groups, rivalries and civil disputes”. The correlation implies that the diamond industry has created an environment that leaves people at risk of violence, and unfair treatment by their government. The longer the diamond industry is in effect, the longer West African people will suffer from the world market demanding diamonds. Because of globalization it doesn’t look
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