The Arguments For The Rights Of The Shone Minoran Americans

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Unanimously we members of the jury sided in agreement with Group A, who argued for the rights of the Shone Minorans against Group B who argued for the national government of Amrecia. Both groups had impressive arguments; however my perspective on this human rights issue best aligned with the defense of the Shone Minorans. Group A’s use of picture images helped me to visualize and connect to the Shone Minorans as fellow people while the group presented their side of the argument. As a visual learner, this optical aspect of the presentation captivated and held my attention, thus it allowed me to hone in on what the speakers had to say. This is not to say that I did not pay attention during the second presentation, rather I related to the …show more content…

I was quite turned off from Group B’s argument on these bases and their thematic approach which suggested that gold, a material good, was more precious and valuable than actual people and their sacred cultural practices. While I understand that this case study is comprised of fictitious issues based in a made up country, the knowledge of the human rights issues fixed around blood diamonds I acquired from our pre-class reading and quiz helped me to take a real world stance on people verses government in the case of natural resources. Prior to the Jacqueline Soloway reading and our class discussion, I was only vaguely aware of the political and economic conversations surrounding the mining of war diamonds. For quite some time I had known that a surplus of diamonds were harvested from the overworked hands of children and impoverished peoples, unfortunately I had no exposure to multiple government’s complacent or supportive roles in having people to mine for diamonds in unsafe, war torn territories. In my daily life I advocate for fair trade, therefore I would never knowingly perpetuate the atrocities of blood diamond mining by purchasing products that result from such human rights violations; because of this I practically knew my decision before I entered the lecture hall and either group presented. I did, however, want to hear both groups out in class and make the decision I felt

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