Negative Effects Of Globalization On African American Culture

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One negative consequence of globalization: The alienation of African secular culture in relation to dating and sex.
African peoples have always been conservative as to the issue of the minimum age of courtship and / or marriage. With the advent of globalization, this paradigm tends to change in the African cultural panorama due to the expansion of western cultural habits and costumes. The American, Mexican, Brazilian, and European novels have exposed frivolous images that are contrary to traditional African lifestyle, and ways of seeing things.
It is not uncommon for novels and reality shows to exhibit situations of dating and love making involving male and female characters as young as 14 years old. This also includes public display of sexual acts of violence, prostitution and pornography, smoking, and so on.
These principles are well-rooted in the culture of many developed countries, but for many regions in Africa these habits constitute a violation of their basic principles. Not to say that in Africa there was no such paradigms. It is true that in some regions of the country side, and especially where the Islam is dominant, premature marriages are a secular practice. But in most African countries, the culturally accepted minimum age for marriage is 18 years. Only after the individual reaches that age, can begin to get prepared to …show more content…

African countries should counterbalance the cultural negative effects of globalization by using coercive measures and persuasion. For cases involving trafficking in persons to the sex market, punitive measures must be harsh in order to discourage such practices. The possession, sale, and display of pornographic material should be governed by measures that enable the state to control, track, and prosecute those who break the

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