Negative Effects Of Popular Music

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The Inimical Side To Popular Song Lyrics One reason why popular music poses threats is because it influences young children with villainous intentions. In a world where rap is one of the most popular genres of music for its rebellious and materialistic nature, young people can not help but be influenced by their favorite artist’s actions. Rap glorifies illegal activities as a way of expression and a way to get rich quick. Rap or any genre of music for that matter is extremely influential in almost anything people do from slang, fashion, and even culture. Many famous rap songs are centered around the artists wealth and or clout; owning an expensive watch, having a fast car, and disrespecting women is very common in various songs throughout the music industry whether it be pop, rap, or rock. Explicit music lyrics are destructive to a child's development and expose children to criminal acts. Another detrimental side of rap is it’s extensive use of profanity and lack of leadership. Use of colorful language in rap is what makes the genre rebellious and appealing to easily influenced children, but it’s unneeded there are plenty of other artists that get their message across without the use of profanity. The use of profanity is a touchy subject and is something most parents do not want their children to hear it’s vulgar and disrespectful but when a teenager hears it in their favorite song it’s forever burnt into their vocabulary. Most rappers do not leave a good message in
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