Negative Effects Of Rap And Hip Hop

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“ When words fail, music speaks”-Shakespeare- Music is something we hear every day. It can soothe us or it can make us very emotional. We hear music in our cars, at home, on our phones, at school, even at the gym. Music is a part of our culture, it makes us who we are. Music can either have a positive or negative impact on your life. One of the more popular forms of music that has been made much more recently is Rap/Hip Hop. There are many components of rythmes strung together over musical beats. There are extra loud bass and various drum beats that are commonly incorporated. In the early stages of hip hop, raps were performed by DJs. The beats, drums, and sounds were comprised from turntables and mic checks have been incorporated into many rap songs. “The majority of early raps were live, performed at parties instead of concerts which is why, Hip-hop is a form of popular music that is comprised mainly of emceeing and deejaying,”(Bambaata 2002). DJing has continued to play a large role in interpreting the sounds of rap. As for the lyrical portion of hip hop; songs are extremely varied in content. Although the lyrics displayed in songs have become more displayed as rap advanced, many early artists performed songs that were about both poverty and violence. Drug references have often been made, even in the twenty-first century, adding to hip hop’s explicit implications. Most lyrics reflect the humble beginnings of hip hop, but lyrics have come to border a wide spectrum with
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