Negative Effects Of Slavery

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Slavery is one of many issues that has negatively affected societies worldwide. It is a problem that has been in existence since the first movement of man. Around the world, an innumerable amount of countries has participated in the buying and selling of people, who are then forced into various types of labor; different forms of slavery include forced labor, child slavery, sex slavery, and domestic servitude. The slaves are usually forced to work in rather unbearable environments under the subjugation of a slave owner and overseer. In 1860, just five years before the abolishment of slavery in the United States, slaves accounted for thirteen percent of the total population (Bales 6). There are now over 300 laws in place banning slavery and …show more content…

It was “important to the economy of the North American colonies” (Bales and Cornell 28) as slaves “worked in agriculture and other jobs throughout New England and Canadian maritime provinces” (28). Slavery is a form of human trafficking, which is the transportation of a person into slavery (Bales and Cornell 41); the act is a crime regardless of whether the person being trafficked agrees to go with the trafficker or not (41). The various types of slavery involve different demographics. For example, child slavery involves those under eighteen years of age who are being forced to work. In a study conducted by E. Benjamin Skinner in early 2000s, Skinner found that in Haiti, children were being sold for as little as fifty dollars (Skinner 34). In 2009, the United States Agency for International Development conducted a survey that found that 225,000 children were enslaved in Haitian cities; this made up 2.3% of the population of Haiti (Bales 8).
Sex slavery [or trafficking] refers to the act of forcing any person (male, female, child, adult, etc.) to engage in sexual acts or exploitation for someone else’s profit. Moreover, defines domestic servitude as “the seemingly normal practice of live-in help that is used as [a] cover for the exploitation and control of someone, usually from another country” ( 2017).
As aforementioned, globally, laws were established to reduce the impact of slavery. In the United

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