Negative Effects Of Social Media On Adolescents

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Social Media and the Negative Effects on Adolescents Social media seems to be changing how we communicate through society. Adolescents are consumed with media for an estimated 7.5-8.5 hours per day (Georgia, 2014; Giedd, 2012). Instead of interacting with each other face to face adolescents are socializing through their phones (George, 2014). The purpose of the paper was to research how social media affects the brain, sleep, and cyberbullying (Lemola, Perkinson- Gloor, Brand, Dewald- Kaufmann, & Grob, 2014; Mills, 2014; Betts & Spenser, 2017). . Review of Literature Throughout society adolescents use social media to communicate. The purpose of the paper was to research how social media affects the brain, sleep, and how social media…show more content…
197). A study at the University of Michigan learned from people that a simple walk in the natural environment rather than a walk in a crowded area can deliver downtime for the brain (Choudhury & McKinney, 2013). The brain has it limits to the “cognitive load” that it can handle when multitasking. The brain then has trouble processing these multiple tasks accurately (Cain et al., 2016). A study of 74 participants from middle school and afterschool programs were given a Media Use Questionnaire that asked how often they were multitasking with primary media. The questionnaire asked how many hour per week they spent on electronic media use. At the end of the study, the participants reported being occupied by media for a great amount of time. The results of the study found that increased multitasking with social media is linked to poor performance in academics (Cain et al., 2016) Social media does not only have a negative effect on the brain of an adolescent, but also the sleep one may receive. Most adolescents send a text message before they go to bed and keep their phone close to their bed or under their bed so they do not miss important messages throughout the night (Lenhart, Ling, Campbell, & Purcell as cited in George, 2014). A survey with over 900 pupils between the ages of 12-15 were asked about how often social media affected their sleep. In the study it was stated that one
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