The Effects Of Social Media On Youth Essay

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The Effects of Social Media on the Youth of Today Studies have shown that the average person now spends more time each day on their phone and computer than they do sleeping according to Nick McGillivray (“What are the Effects of Social Media on Youth?). Social has become part of our social society, especially for the many youths. There are positives to being on social media and also equal amounts of danger that come with using social networking sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These social networking sites also have effects on today’s youth by altering the way they behave, the way they learn, in not only a classroom setting but also in the real world setting, and the way that they socialize with their peers and others. In general, the use social networking has many health and developmental benefits for the youth of today. Most teens have online accounts that they use to strengthen their friendships and stay connected with the people around them such as, school friends and teachers, groups they may be involved in, and maybe even family that are far away. Social networking also allows for an outlet to help teens with mental and moral support that they may lack in reality. This is really important especially for the youth who don’t necessarily have anyone to talk to or be there for them. Although one might argue that there are hotlines to help depressed youth, sometimes it’s not the same as having the support from your favorite social media site. Of

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