Negative Effects Of Video Games

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The age of the average gamer is not ten to fifteen years old; it is actually between thirty and thirty-five-years old. They are the parents who play their kid’s consoles or the college graduates that are procrastinating. Millions of Americans play video games at least three to four hours a week. Most parents would rather have their kids reading Shakespeare or studying math. However, while these activities are good for the brain, so are video games. Many controversies arise with new violent and graphic video games that say the games are bad for physical and mental health. The action shooter games that feature excessive amounts of blood and gore are actually improving brain function and capability through hand-eye coordination and mental fitness. The action games are not alone, though, because there are also puzzle games and strategy games that support this stance even more. Video games can offer great health benefits such as improving cognitive function, keeping people connected, and improving core body functions. Cognition is described as the mental processes associated with language, attention, problem solving, reasoning, and decision making (Caravel). There are many controversies involving video games and how they kill brain cells and worsen eyesight. The opposite effect is actually occurring. Test were run in a lab led by Daphne Bavelier, a brain scientist, to find out if these accusations had some truth to them. Daphne found that playing video games actually improved

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