Negative Effects Of Video Games

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From virtual world gaming to common arcade games players have been intrigued by the pixelated images, ideas and story lines created by developers. Video games of today's society contributes both positive and negative health related habits to the lives of gamers. Some would argue that games promote healthy habits such as enhanced hand-eye coordination, a better learning ability, and better decision-making skills. While others would say that video games hinder the growth of our world because it influences its players to indulge in social isolation, obesity, and violence.
Over time video games has evolved from simple 2-D games to more advanced 3-D games. Games have developed an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for
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What are the possibilities for movement in this space?" Video games contribute to the stimulation of the mind and enlarges their knowledge on real world situations through animations. Fully indulged gamers may even argue the favorable things video games allow its players to gain critical problem solving skills and long-term memory which are "the basic building blocks of intelligence." This shows in spite of the negative issues video games may cause for some individuals, people overall will still enjoy video games.
Although some video gamers support the effects of video games, there are others who disagree with their claims and feel that video games influence gamers through violence, increases social isolation and obesity. Despite the common stress relieving nature of video games, the violent content in most of them can lead to a rise in aggression. Video games include shooting, racing, and exploring are usually known as the most influential types of games. Playing these types of games can also lead to addiction which can create aggressive thoughts and feelings. In addition, Video game play has been linked to delinquency which consisted of a relation which was stronger for individuals who are characteristically aggressive and for men.
According to Jordana Mansbacher, PsyD, a pediatric specialist, "There is less engagement in physical activity, which leads to other health problems, There is more

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