Negative Effects On Drug Abuse

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I was only four years old at the time but little did I know it was my first time seeing a drug related problem involved in my family. A cousin of mine had a drug and alcohol addiction, his name was Jason. He came by my house around once or twice a week and I’d always look at the window as he walked up to my house. He had been neglected by other family members but not my mother. He would come by everyday because he wasn’t living anywhere at the time and my mom would give him food and something to drink everytime he came by. I wouldn’t necessarily say this was a negative or positive experience simply because I was only four years old and at the time I just couldn’t really understand it. As the years went on he had began to stop coming over and eventually I didn’t know why until I was in the 6th grade which was when we had our sex ed and drug education classes for school. I began to understand the problem and I reassured it with my mom and she finally told me that he had an addiction. With all the videos going around about drugs we focused mostly on marijuana. As a kid I was raised to believe it was an evil drug because of these videos we had watched in school. Little did I know the drug actually isn’t all that bad compared to the other drugs such as heroine. At the time they never even showed us that marijuana was both a medical and recreational drug. That would have changed my outlook on the drug at the time. In cases it has cured cancer and does plenty of other great things
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