Negative Effects On Social Media

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Social networking has revolutionized our world, but has aroused many difficulties. CNN says, “teens spend 9 hours a day...consuming media” and “girls spending about an hour and a half a day on social media and boys a little under an hour”. Teens are so caught up socializing with friends on Instagram or checking the feed, that they have forgotten how to properly talk to anyone they meet in public. Teens are having trouble distinguishing between a true friendship and a fake one. While social networking is easy, teens are having trouble balancing their “in person” conversations and online conversations. In addition, many teens find posts about events they weren’t invited to, causing a sense of exclusion. says, “the bulk of teens (42%) saying it happens occasionally and just 11% saying it happens frequently.” about finding post about uninvited events. Teens also have to think carefully about what they post, so they can get the best reaction from friends or a certain number of likes. This results in a vast waste of time and unnecessary stress pertaining to a simple matter.
Many teens admit to doing their homework, while entertaining themselves with an electronic of their choice. This multitasking is causing students to not complete any quality work nor fully understand topics at school. A 2009 study by Stanford University, correlates light and heavy multitaskers with electronics and daily tasks. They found dramatic differences in cognitive control and the ability

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