Negative Effects On The War On Drugs

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America is at war but not the war that you are thinking of. The war on drugs has been waging for far too long and it must have a clear and proper effect on the trade of drugs for it to show the money spent was worth the expense. With the true criminals running free the large crime syndicates are allowed to run rampant and have taken over the drug trade and has caused a large rise in the amounts of violent crimes that are seen in areas that are dominated by the organized crime groups. The amount of non-violent drug offenders in jail costs the United States of America an average of $10 billion a year (Stanford). If the focus of the war on drugs was more on the large businesses and less on the small drug dealers and consumers then the fight would be a much more effective one. The real way to remedy the problem would be to work on the principle that the reason that the drug trade is so effective is that the consumers are willing to pay the price of the drug and the exponential increase of the risk assessed on the drug. At the heart of this war is a fundamental question: Is this a battle the United States can win? Is this even a possibility? I am not so sure, and this paper will show that the war on drugs has likely caused much more harm than good. With the main problems being that the true treatment is not being done due to the lack of funding for the remediation of the drug addicts. The remediation of the drug addicts is the way to fix the problem at the “root” and

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