The War on Drugs and Its Impact on Latin America Essay examples

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Ever since the war on drugs was started, most of the battle has been concentrated in Latin America, leaving trails of devastation from deep within Latin America up to the largest consumer of those substances. After years of fighting, and series’ of more and more aggressive policies put into place by the United States, drugs are just as prevalent if not more so than when the war began. Illegal drugs are still easy to obtain, demand for such substances has skyrocketed and cartels are becoming increasingly affluent. Drug violence since 2006 has resulted in the death of more than 60,000 people. Clearly, our current policies in waging this war are not effective, we have spent over 35 billion dollars over the course of 2013 to attempt to combat …show more content…

Mexico’s war on drugs was officially decreed by then President Felipe Calderon, but has existed in some form since long before that. In the 1920s a law was drafted that deemed drugs and drug trafficking to be of the highest priority for national security. Throughout time, Mexico has a history of very strict drug enforcement laws, stemming from the issue being one of national security. Strangely enough, before 2006, when the war on drugs was formally declared, Mexico as well as other Latin American countries were having less trouble with drugs as a threat to national stability than after the formal declaration that labeled them as a destabilizing national security threat. Marijuana was banned from Mexico City in the 1860s and the State of Oaxaca shortly after that, with the surrounding areas following suit. After the Mexican Revolution in 1910, cocaine and opium imports began to be restricted by the newly empowered Superior Board of Health. The then leader of the Superior Board of Health, José María Rodríguez, pushed for these reforms, citing the need for a healthy vibrant population due to the country’s proximity to other rapidly growing nations (namely the US). The easily made link between drugs and disparagement, treachery, prison, death, made

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