Negative Effects of Social Media

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Negative effects of social media on society Gülşah Yılmaz Business Administration 20110501048 Afe 123 , Section 1 Brent Dingler 17.12.2012 Negative effects of social media on society Thesis: Social media affect people in many way negatively. Many people have a preserence on one of the social networking sites and most of the people are addicted to it. Yet, these social networking sites like facebook , tumblr , twitter have negative effects on society. I.Firstly , it can be said that social media affect human health negatively. A.To begin with , social media have nagative effect on people’s mental health. 1.Primarly , spending…show more content…
Apart from social media’s negative effects on people’s mental health , social media can cause behavior disorders on people. Firstly , it can cause eating disorders. Research has shown that eating disorders can be corruptive "like a virus" through social networks, whilst pro-anorexic websites provide tips, advice and an online community for unhealthy weight management. (Christopher York , 2012) Social media image has a strong effect on people’s body image , especially on women and people can do whatever it takes to have the perfect image even if it is harmful for their health. Another example of behaviour disorder is insomnia. Sleeplessness is becoming common among users of social media sites. One in four users of Facebook say they have been woken up by smartphone alerts from the social networking sites.( Warwick Ashford ,2011) Spending too much time on social media can prevent people from sleep. These people can not make time for sleep because of social media in the end they have a sleep disorder. Another main negative effect of social media is damage to people’s social life.To begin with, social media can cause a la a lack of

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