Negative Stereotypes In Society

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Throughout life many people experience stereotyping. Often people that do experience stereotypes experience impacts and affects them regarding such stereotypes. Research illustrates how people are impacted in several ways, but more often people are negatively affected by stereotypes than in positive ways; while others show no impact of being stereotyped at all. Studies offer an insight on the impacts particularly pertaining to home and work life, relationships with family, friends and colleagues and how people perceive themselves. Along with research, below a study of 57 adults ranging from 18 to 70 years. In which they were given a set of questions to gauge their feelings on stereotypes, if they had been stereotyped and if so in what ways they have been affected.

Stereotypes are an area in everyday life that is often over looked, or people seemly do not want to recognize in society. Although some might suggest that being stereotyped has not affected nor impacted them in a negative light, others describe the opposite. Many people experience various negative impacts in their everyday life due to being stereotyped; some of these aspects include home and work life and relationships with others. Detailed below is research and studies on various stereotypes and their effects on people.
Furthermore, included is a study that I created, in which I asked a group of 57 people, ranging from 18 to 70 years of age, a questionnaire to scale their

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