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In this generation some of the most notable and impactful inventions have been the innovative technology that now resides as common household items. Some of these most notable pieces of technology are the computer, the cellphone, and the multitude of video game consoles. These pieces of technology have become so common and apparent that they are seen nearly everywhere. Today people show no issue using their cellphone whether they are walking to a destination, hanging out at home, or waiting in a line. It is even common to see people texting when hanging out with their friends, significant others, or family. Texting has become a common means of communication and has introduced the idea of sending messages digitally without the “hassle” of …show more content…

Now of course there are pros to having a computer at a young age. For school, it makes it easier to complete projects and assignments at the pace of everyone else without the hassle of trying to find a friend with a computer or a neighbor. However, at this age teens are considering their values and are at the stage when they are trying to decide who they are, for some this may involve a sexual awakening of sorts. Children should not be exposed to that much content and resources when they do not even have themselves figured out yet. Unfortunately, we have young children who are already addicted to technology. The most difficult part of this whole situation is that younger children don’t know where to start with fixing this problem be because technology has had a heavy influence on them since day one, “While technology use is increasing, younger generations may find the use to be acceptable and less of a problem then older generations” (Gerhart). Just because the use of it is more “acceptable” does not mean technology is safer by any means. At this age children are going to be making mistakes and finding out who they are, it’s inevitable, “These years mark insurmountable growth both physically and psychologically” (Lohmann). Instead of sheltering children, guide them the right way let them fall and help them back up but beware of adding a whole world of content and media and distraction to the mix of all of this.
This technology placed in

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