Negotiation Case Study, from Negotiation Book by Roy Lewicki, Bruce Barry, David Saunders

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Case 5 : The Ken Griffey Jr. Negotiation
Date : 10/1/08

Cinncinati Reds Baseball Team: Griffeys agent : Brian Goldberg, his negotiator for his baseball contract
Jim Bowden : General manager of Team
John Allen : Managing Executive, Bowdens’ Boss
Car Lindner : Team majority owner

Griffeys team at present : Seattle Mariners

Pat Gillick : General Manager who is to trade Griffey to another team
Chuck Armstrong : Team president and boss of Gillick.
Roger Jongewaard : team vice president
Howard Lincoln : team CEO
Woody Woodward : team manager before Gillick, retired from team.

Griffey started expressing a desire to live closer to his relatives in his hometown of Cincinnati. Where his father and mother live, Ken and …show more content…

He repeatedly makes offers to Pat Gillick in the weeks of negotiation without getting close to a trade . He also in exchange says he will trade some of his players such as Cameron.
December 9th , GM of Reds publicly announced he will take over contract of Griffey, “ bring him home “ as he completed a month of negotiations with the Seattle Mariners GM just to bring Griffey on the team and trade a few other players from Cincinnati Reds to Seattle Mariners. For the contract negotiation ‘communication’ is the link that was used to negotiate the issue/argument whether it is face-to-face offer , on the telephone or in writing. The type of negotiation in the case was not just between two people. Each offer involved several members from both parties, the Seattle Mariners and Cincinnati Reds.

Offer 1 : Pat Gillick asked for Reese and then trade Griffey to Bowden to Reds team offer was denied.
Offer 2 : Mariners president and COO , Armstrong asked Goldberg to trade Griffey for NY Mets. Griffey did not agree and turned down the offer. This is because the agreement is not being directed to a certain compromise and both parties are looking for a different outcome.
Offer 3 : Reds has 72 hours to workout a deal with Griffey and Goldberg. Griffey was finally traded to Cincinnati Reds and Bowden has worked for this deal and seen the deal through as of Monday February 7th , being GM

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