Essay about Nelson Mandela Worked to End Apartheid in South Africa

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I have always thought that Nelson Mandela has been one of the most important people in history. I find it very fascinating that one man could end the Apartheid and that is why I want to find out more about this. South Africa is a country with a past of enforced racism and separation of its multi-racial community. The White Europeans invaded South Africa and started a political system known as 'Apartheid' (meaning 'apartness'). This system severely restricted the rights and lifestyle of the non-White inhabitants of the country forcing them to live separately from the White Europeans. I have chosen to investigate how the Apartheid affected people’s lives, and also how and why the Apartheid system rose and fell in South Africa.

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(History, 2013)

The population of South Africa were segregated into categouries of Coloured, Black, White and Indian. Black South African lives were affected in many different ways and it still is today. Apartheid meant great hardship, it meant that Black people were unable to live a reasonable life. All natural civil rights were taken away from them. Public beaches, drive-in cinema parking spaces, graveyards, parks and public toilets are just a few things that were racially segregated. You can say that the church was on of few places races could mix without breaking the law. (Wikipedia, 2013)

Black South Africans were segregated in education and there were even different laws. For example if a Black African committed a crime, this person could expect years in prison. But if it was a White African, the consequence would probably only be getting charged. Black Africans were treated inhumanely and considered to be filth.(NelsonMandelas, 2013)

The purpose of their education was to train them to be Black labourers or servants as it was considered all they were good for. In addition, whole communities were transported by the police to new areas far away from their old homes, which were often bulldozed to the ground. One of these communities were Sophiatown, and here is a inhabitant describing what it was that happened: "We had to take everything and throw it outside.

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