Netscape Analysis Report Essay

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Netscape Analysis Report

I. History

Netscape Communications Corporation, originally named Mosaic
Communications Corporation (MCOM) was founded in April 1994 by Jim Clark and
Marc Andreessen. They released their first browser products free to Internet users in September 1994. Jim Clark is chairman of Netscape Communications
Corporation. Before founding the company, Clark was the chairman of Silicon
Graphics, a computer hardware manufacturer he founded in 1982. Marc Andreessen is vice president of technology for Netscape Communications. He helped develop the original graphical World Wide Web browser, Mosaic, while he was at the
University Of Illinois at Urbana/Champlain.

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Homer- Vice President, Marketing
Roberta R. Katz-Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Richard M. Schell- Vice President, Engineering
James C.J. Sha- Vice President and General Manager, Integrated
Kandis Malefyt- Vice President, Human Resources
L. John Doerr- Director
John E. Warnock- Director

V. Competition

Netscape has 4 major competitors: Spry Mosaic, Spyglass Mosaic, Microsoft
Internet Explorer, and Sun's HotJava. However, Netscape dominates its market with an approximate 80% market share. It is the current industry standard for
WWW browsing software, due to its support of new HTML features such as frames,
JavaScript, and plug-ins.

Spry Mosaic is a piece of WWW Browser software designed by CompuServe's
Spry division. It poses no threat to Netscape because of its inability to process e-mail and Usenet news.

Spyglass Mosaic is a WWW browser developed by part of the team that worked on the original web browser (NCSA Mosaic). It is a major competitor because of its slightly superior user interface as well as its alliance with

Microsoft Internet Explorer is a browser that was originally developed for use with the Microsoft Network. It is comparable to Netscape in every aspect but one: There is NO user support.

HotJava is a browser designed by Sun Microsystems. However, it is not technically a competitive product, as it is mostly used to run Java applets
(little WWW

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