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Title: JOINT PAIN HERBAL OIL Tagline: THE CARE OF NATURE TO THE JOINTS Summary: The less walking efforts, low gaming activities, the sit and work life styles have evolved the problem of knee or joint pain in various generations today. This problem which was only considered for the elderly people is now being shifted to the chief wage earners too. It is all because of the facts that count to less physical labour, excess use of escalator and lifts, no proper routine for exercise and all. The joint pain also penetrates in the body due to the vanishing fluids in between the knee caps, which enables the pain to generate because of the contraction or the moments. Here are some herbal herbs which are formulated into herbal oils, whose applications on the area of interest diminish the pain slowly and naturally. These may include: Nettles: this herb is well known for its…show more content…
This herbal oil decreases the free radical formation in our body, form the active sites of inflammations and protects the body from the enzyme that is responsible for the inflammations, at the same time. The glycyrrhizin is the active compound of this herb which helps in relieving the inflammations in our body. Flax seed: the oil extracted for the flax seeds is also beneficial in treating the conditions like the joint pains. This herbal oil is the excellent source of the omega 3, also famous by the name ALA, which fight backs the inflammations that are being produced in our body. The daily intake and application of this herbal oil also provides relief in diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and strengthens the immune system of our body. Burdock: this herb secrets the oil that is a rich source of the essential fatty acids along with some proportions of the sterols and tannins. Therefore, the herbal oil contributes to the anti-inflammatory properties in our body. Thus, treating the joint ache or
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