Network Analysis : Riordan Manufacturing

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Network analysis In 1991 Dr. Riordan created Riordan Manufacturing which is a Company that produces all kind of plastics. Riordan currently has a location in Hangzhou China and is moving that location to Shanghai China. In this analysis I will cover communication protocols and their importance, rationale for design protocols, overall network architecture, how a traffic analysis is used, jitter, response time, and latency, along with their effect on a network. Also discussed is data rates and their effect on each part of the network with strategies to ensure availability with router and switch networks. For nodes to communicate effectively over communication network some standards need to be considered. These standards are what we call…show more content…
Riordan will utilize common protocols including File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Transfer Control Protocol/IP (TCP/IP), User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Post Office Protocol (POP3), Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). In any network design the choice of communication protocols dictates the types of computers used and other network processors. Majorly TCP/IP has replaced old protocols such as IPX/SPX and NetBEUI which are obsolete. Overall Network Architecture Current network design that Riordan is using is a LAN design. The server and backup server all located outside of the building location. The internet provider connects to the router and firewall directing the connection to the servers which then connects to the company LAN. Using a LAN is good for Riordan because it is one office building and LANs are used for a small network and are good for sharing files, printers and other applications (Mitchell, 2016). Riordan also currently uses a ring topology that is common for LAN networks. Riordan choose to use a ring topology for its current location because it’s a well-organized topology, it also allows for each computer to have equal access to all resources and it has good performance. Network architecture refers to structural, physical and logical layout of a communication network with relation to communication protocols, information transmission mode either wired or wireless technology
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