Network Security And Management Policy

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Abstract The purpose of this paper is to discuss the security and vulnerabilities dealing with network security and management policy in information technology to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of a system or network, its information, resources, and its immediate infrastructure. The topics are the overview of Web services, social engineering, system components, architecture, protocols, future security trends, security vulnerabilities programs, the evolution of network security, internet vulnerabilities, online security and the protection of civil rights, practical attacks on mobile cellular networks and possible countermeasures, analysis of network security policy-based management, the risks and threats that…show more content…
The conclusions will draw forth all the findings and results that were found during the research of this paper.

Threats & Vulnerabilities
The security threats and vulnerabilities in information security are weaknesses that expose people and companies to risks that are either acceptable or mitigated. The key to understanding vulnerabilities is the first step of mitigating or accepting them. Risk revolves around and is caused by business disruption, financial loss, damage to reputation, loss of privacy, loss of life, loss of confidence, legal penalties, and impairs business growth.
The concerns about security are a major deterrent to companies considering the use of technology (Kearney, Chapman, Edwards, Gifford, & He, 2004). The security threats are caused by angry or disgruntled employees, dishonest employees, criminals, governments, terrorists, the News and press, competitors of other businesses, hackers, crackers, and natural disasters or unforeseen events that may occur. The vulnerabilities are the areas that have yet to be found, updated, or patched. The vulnerabilities are caused by software bugs, broken processes, ineffective controls, hardware flaws, business changes, old or legacy systems, inadequate business continuity plan, and of-course human error.
An employee can fall under two categories and they are current and former. Current employees cover a lot of the normal business process of day
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