Networking Case Study

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Kotak Mahindra Bank has in all 34 centers in Mumbai. Its main branch (head office) is in Wadala. The center has 20 computers, named from A to T and have multiple laser printers which are shared by all the computers. These are called as nodes, i.e.linking devices. It also has a TMS (Token Machine System). Connecting devices used are switches and routers.Switches are used because a hub has only 8 ports and if a system wants to connect more than 8 devices to a hub, a hub becomes inefficient. So a switch is used to connect a number of devices, which is then connected to one of the port of a hub, so that the rest of the ports of the hub remain free. DATA TRANSMISSION : The transmission of binary data across a link is accomplished in serial…show more content…
IP ADDRESS :All the branches of Kotak Mahindra use ‘0’ ( zero ) series IP address , specified by Kotak Mahindra’s head branch. It comes under class A. NETWORK LAYOUT : Every centre of Kotak Mahindra sends its data to the main branch for updating. All computers, from A to T, are attached to a switch with the help pf a cat-5 cable and RJ-45 connector. The switch is then connected to a hub. One port of hub has a connection with a laser printer, which is shared by all the computers, Also, a hub has a connection with a TMs ( Token Machine System ), so that TMS can register the token of a customer on the computer, directly. Other ports of a hub remain free. HUB is then connected to a router, which route the packets from one network to the other, so that it gets to the final destination. Since, the data cannot be sent directly through a network, it has to convert into digital form, in short, it has to be modulated, so that it can travel through a network easily and safely. For this, a modem is connected to a router, which modulates and transfers the data through lease lines. To setup the internet connection, various service providers such as Siffy broadband, Reliance , etc are used. When a connection is established, data flows through the lease lines and is received by the modem at the receiver’s side i.e. at the main centre. Modem then demodulates the data and sends it to the router connected to it. Routers then
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