Neurotransmitters And Its Effect On Human Body

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In this day and age, we are learning more and more about the human body than what could have been thought possible in the past. Every day chemical reactions take place within ourselves yet we turn a blind eye to them and pay them no heed. Whenever we eat, a chemical reaction happens within our stomachs to break down the food to turn it into a source of energy our body can utilize. Whenever we move, a chemical reaction releases signals into the brain to tell our limbs to perform rotary functions. Whenever we are injured, our brain sends and receives signals to determine how to perceive the extremity of the sensation. These signals are due to endorphins, one of the most important neurotransmitters in our body. Mind you, these are all natural …show more content…

These structures tend to differ in the number of each element, however some do share the same ones such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur such as the alpha-endorphins with the structure of C77H120N18O26S with beta-endorphin beng C158H251N39O46S, gamma-endorphins having the structure of C83H131N19O27S and beta-neo-endorphins with C158H251N39O46S. The only endorphin that does not have sulfur are the alpha-neo-endorphins which have a structure of C60H89N15O13. These endorphins function in our bodies by being released within the brain and binding to opioid receptor sites. These opiate receptor sites are comparable to security guards. They decide who has the proper identification to pass through and act as a barrier between the cell and outside of it. The opiate receptor sites bind with endorphins which in turn triggers an electrical signal being sent to the brain to change how it perceives a stimulus, in this case pain. This is how the body regulates the pain it feels (Sprouse-Blum et al. 2010). Without them, if we were to experience being pricked with a needle, stabbed with a knife or punched in the stomach with brass knuckles, the pain we would feel would be much more profound and psychologically harming. How the

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