Never In My Life Would I Have Thought About Running And

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Never in my life would I have thought about running and hiding from the police. Until one day at about 4:20pm, I was sitting in my living room on the couch, overlooking my backyard. I saw eight Police Officers standing next to the 70 Marijuana plants that I was getting ready to harvest. I thought to myself, “Oh shit! They found all of my plants and now I either have the option of running out my front door and try to escape the police or go outside and get thrown in prison.” As bad as I wanted to escape I knew it would be impossible to run from any Police Officer. As I was getting up from my couch, I saw 3 Officers walk towards my back door. I rushed over and opened the door. One of the Police Officers asked me if the Marijuana plants…show more content…
At the court hearing, the judge went over my criminal charges, gave me an attorney, and increased my bail up to one million dollars since I was found guilty. The judge found me guilty of a felony for marijuana cultivation. That’s not the worst part. I was facing 20 years in prison. This was an extremely harsh reality for someone who had never been to prison before. I had no idea of what to expect and would be lying if I said I wasn 't at least a little bit nervous. According to California State law, in order to use Marijuana legally you need to be twenty one years of age, only have one ounce on you, and you are only allowed to grow up to 6 plants. Even though I did not want to spend 20 years in prison on a marijuana charge, I knew I made a mistake so I had to accept the fact that I was guilty. When I signed up for my card, I agreed and signed the rules and laws of marijuana cultivation therefore I should have abided by them. One thing I never agreed with was the fact that I had to spend twenty years in prison, just because I was growing marijuana plants. A person that commits manslaughter is sentenced only up to 15 years in prison. Manslaughter falls under a different type of crime and does not relate to Marijuana Cultivation. Its not fair that someone who grows marijuana with their medical card, for health reasons has to do more time than a person who manslaughters. If you murder someone,

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