New Beauty Authority Jean Kilbourne Summary

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Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women (Kilbourne) shows a startling reminder of how advertisement has influenced our views of women, men, and ourselves. Jean Kilbourne explains how advertisements use images, body language, fantasy, and text to entice the audience. An advertisement in New Beauty magazine for a new weight loss technique depicts a woman fearlessly looking at herself in the mirror (ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. 43). American Rifleman endorses a paintball gun in one of their advertisements, using a woman dressed in a barely-there Santa dress (Dillion Prcision 98). In her documentary, Jean Kilbourne addresses how the images in advertisements have impacted women, men, girls, and boys. New Beauty: The Beauty Authority, is a …show more content…

The fantasy in the Coolsculpting advertisement is one that is used over and over again. It is the idea that women need to be thin in order to be happy. This advertisement blatantly targets anyone who has weight or self-esteem problems and forces them to imagine being thin and pretty. The woman in this advertisement gives the impression that she is finally able to look in the mirror without fear or shame. She feels confident and beautiful. She may even be able to love herself more.
The Coolsculpting advertisement claims in black text that their new, FDA cleared, non-invasive treatment uses controlled cooling to eliminate fat. Below that is the red, New Beauty, Beauty Choice, best product winner award. At the very top of the page are the words “See a Slimmer you” in teal colored letters. In the bottom right corner is the Coolsculpting logo, a snowflake, with the company slogan: “Fear no Mirror” (ZELTIQ Aesthetics, …show more content…

The woman is what is often referred to as a “blonde-bombshell”. She has long blonde hair, tan skin, and seems to embody the athletic model appearance. She is wearing black, six-inch stiletto-heels. Her dress is a red, halter top with white trim, and black belt, to resemble a Santa suit. Her dress stops at the very top of her thighs. At her feet is a brown box with a red ribbon. The woman is holding a green bow, one loop in each hand, which is attached to a shiny, blue paintball gun. The woman is smiling in a way that makes her seem docile at first but then inviting.
The fantasy that this Dillion Precision article invokes is pretty evident. If you are a man with an interest in guns and women, then what could be a better gift than an attractive woman with a new paintball gun? This advertisement also draws on love and romance; this could be somebody’s ideal relationship. The woman looks distinctly submissive and eager to please.
The company’s jingle for the holiday season is: “Have a Dillion Christmas!”, which is written is bold, yellow letters at the top of the Advertisement (Dillion Prcision). Down at the bottom in yellow and white letters, the company requests the reader to visit their website URL, to order the catalog (Dillion

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