New England Vs Chesapeake Colonies

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In the beginning of the 17th century, European nations were quickly colonizing the eastern coast of North America. They sailed to two specific regions known as the Chesapeake Bay region and New England. The Chesapeake Bay region consisted of Virginia and Maryland while New England included Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Europeans would settle a region for a specific reason, which led them to have very different lifestyles. They were set apart by social, political, religious, and economic differences. Although these two regions would eventually form into one nation, they originally had very different societies and ideals. Europeans who settled in the Chesapeake Bay region did so for the opportunity to find gold and glory. They wanted to be economically successful and sought out for gold, silver, or even a northwest passage to Asia. Colonists were mostly Anglican, single, young, white men, who were brought over as indentured servants. This meant that there were much more males than females, with a sex ratio of 6 men to 1 woman. They lived in small, spread out communities with very large and self-sufficient farms. The hot and humid climate was very unhealthy because it was the perfect weather for diseases, which led to a higher death rate then New England. Although, the warm climate and fertile land created an agriculture economy for crops like tobacco. There were few women and children. The social structure was very imbalanced considering people
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