New Jersey Vs. Tlo

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Provide at least three points that would support the petitioner. (15 Points) The fourth amendment wasn 't broken They had evidence to believe it was Redding The school had the right to have suspicion List and explain court precedents, or previous judicial decisions on similar issues, which support the petitioner. (20 Points) New Jersey vs. TLO In this case two students who were female where smoking in the laboratory. When caught one of the students admitted to smoking as for the other she denied when asked to search her purse she denied so instead the vice principal still searched and found the cigarettes and rolling paper. When digging deeper he found little amounts of marijuana and a pipe zip lock bags and a card with many of…show more content…
Safford School District, like many school districts, has a policy strictly prohibiting the use, possession, or sale of any drug on school grounds, including prescription drugs, without advanced administrative permission. Students in violation will be subject to removal from school property and will be subject to prosecution in accordance with the provisions of the law.Students attending school in the District who are in violation of the provisions of this policy shall be subject to disciplinary actions in accordance with the provisions of school rules and/or regulations. Safford is like many other public schools where it finds itself on the front lines of a war against drug abuse among students. As such, Safford has firsthand experience with some of the trends in this area that are by no means unique to its community. With students beginning to experiment with drugs at a rapidly earlier age precisely middle school. the abuse of prescription and over-the- counter drugs has become more prevalent because of the relatively easy access to these drugs and a prevailing notion that they provide a “safe” high. As a result of student giving out over the counter drugs one boy who took the pills had a bad reaction and became seriously ill leaving him several days in an intensive care unit. 1. Discuss the events that lead to this trial (list step-by-step what happened to your client. Pretend
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