New Kinord : An Ancient Settlement

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New Kinord is an ancient settlement situated in the Muir of Dinnet National Nature Reserve to the South-West of the city of Aberdeen, as seen in figure 1.

New Kinord has not yet been excavated and many questions are still left unanswered, however the site has been surveyed by Sir Alexander Ogston. This survey identified the features of New Kinord (Aberdeenshire council sites and monuments record - Aberdeenshire - New Kinord Group). The settlement consists of five main circles that have boundaries marked out by rocks and stones, these stones are believed to be the remains of houses. There are also two paths, one path runs along the outside of the settlement and the other path separates from the outside path and goes through the middle of …show more content…

The Earth House is thought to be used for storage or possibly for defensive purposes. It is located underground to stop animals from entering or escaping, which suggests again that this site occupied animals.

This essay will aim to cover several archaeology techniques and methodologies that would have been used during excavation of archeological sites, in particular the New Kinord site. These methods will provide an insight into a wide range of information that I am interested in discovering. These include what the inhabitants of the site did for a living, their diet and how the term of occupation can be determined.

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There are many ways that an archeological site can be observed, for example, aerial photography such as satellite pictures can be used. Also when carrying out an excavation on a low budget, which is very common in most cases, a low-flying kite can replace the satellite (Roskams, page 43). More recently the more common availability and use of drones could also be used to get live aerial data from above. Many sites are more apparent from above, and New Kinord is a great example as you can see some of the stone circles clearly, see figure 2 below.

When considering excavation methods, the location of the site has to be taken into account, as many archaeological methodologies can cause long-term damage to the site. So considering conservation strategies and methods is crucial. This directly applies to New Kinord, as the

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