Essay on New London Eminent Domain

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Justice Stevens believes that is it the right of the government for taking land from private owners under eminent domain and using that land for public use. Steven believes that eminent domain is constitutional as long as the public welfare is increased such as increasing tax and other revenues and stimulating a troubled city. New London was an economically insufficient city compared to the averages in Connecticut. He believed that making the city more attractive was making good use of the Takings Clause in the U.S. Constitution. He also thinks that the city carefully constructed a plan in order to benefit the community rather than hinder it. Overall, Stevens believes that by helping and benefiting the city New London should follow their …show more content…
The authors of these majority and minority opinions are quite different. Steven believes that making a city more attractive and profitable is worth using eminent domain while O’Connor believes that it makes every home and business be put in jeopardy for an unnecessary use of overused power. Although both agree that in some instances eminent domain is appropriate, they disagree on this particular case of the New London community.Before I began to read this case I made my own assumptions about eminent domain. Although I believe that it is not alright for eminent domain to be applied to all cases, I do believe that eminent domain is necessary in this case. The city was very apparently deteriorating and it is part of the cities job to make the community appealing again. Like it was stated, the population has not been as low as 24,000 residents since 1920. That was over 50 years ago. I may not always agree with using eminent domain in all instances but to make a city more profitable and more appealing to residents seems to me like a good use of property. Just compensation is something I may have a problem with. From what I have heard, the government does not always give the
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