New York City Draft Riots

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On July 13, 1863, the streets of New York City were ablaze. People ran rampant without a care of the well being of anyone else; mutilating bodies, robbing people, and setting buildings on fire. Children were rushed to safety from the bloodthirsty mobs. These were the New York City Draft Riots of 1863, and colored and rich people weren't safe from the protests that the poor and working class had against the highly controversial draft (Bernstein 34). These violent riots had to be stopped, and someone had to come up with an idea to put the crowds at rest. The New York City Draft Riots of 1863 were stopped when the Union government decided to compromise by stopping the draft and not receiving more troops for the civil war.
The Draft Riots began on July 13 of 1863 and lasted for five days (Amato and Meisel). The civil war was taking place and the Battle of Gettysburg was ending. Hopes for a Union victory were skyrocketing like never before and the brave soldiers were heading home. Slavery also seemed to only be a temporary thing, with so many African Americans arriving free into the north (Lighthizer). Many things had gone wrong in the past, including battles and race issues. The future seemed so bright for nearly everyone in New York City, and something seemed so clear; things were finally getting better for so many people. Unfortunately for the happy people, it wouldn't remain that way for long.
Racism, fuelled by anger, during that time was at a towering peak. African

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