New York Post Argument Essay

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Everyone has opinions about something these days, whether it is the United State’s involvement in the middle east or a general manager’s offseason acquisitions. Probably the most common ways of presenting one’s opinion is writing an editorial for a newspaper. In writing these positions, the author has to think of a clear and clever way to persuade his audience to agree with him. All editorials, at their core, follow the same formula. One example of an editorial to break down is a recent one written by the New York Post’s Editorial Board on the NFL’s rules. The first part of an argument is a claim. There are three main types of claim: fact, policy, and value. In this article, titled “What’s up with the NFL’s double standard on free speech?”, the claim is very clear: the NFL has a double standard on free speech. This claim is obviously a fact claim, due to the fact that it is claiming a fact. This claim, made in both the title and middle of the article, set up the rest of the editorial. Next, we need to focus on the evidence. The Post starts with talking about what the NFL does allow from their players. The first example used has been one of this month’s biggest headlines: players sitting and kneeling during the …show more content…

The NFL’s reasoning was that it was a uniform violation, explaining that it could open the door to other political statements. The authors then explained how this was not a political statement, but a form of respect. They also mention how it was far less political than what players did the previous Sunday. Appearing confused is a very good strategy, especially when arguing that an organization has a double standard. Even though this editorial was short, it was very well written and got the point across. The authors did a very good job in persuading readers that the NFL does, in fact, have a double standard on free

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